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20 things to do when you're stuck at home and cannot travel

As we are all stuck at home not being able to travel due to the recent attack of the COVID-19 situation on our beautiful planet, I have jotted down a few things to do when you're stuck at home and cannot travel. Just a few things to inspire you to get up and do something.

Here are those things to keep you busy at home:

1. Learn to cook something new. Master cooking mouth watering dishes from your favourite cuisine.

2. Spring clean your closets, this may take some of us days if not weeks to do! It's also super therapeutic when you downsize.

3 Pack things according to what charities or people you would like to give them to.

4. Check around the house things you don't need anymore and you'd like to sell for a bit of extra cash. Take pictures of them and have them ready to sell online.Check the expiry dates on all toiletries and throw away old stuff.

5. Write a bucket-list of things you want to do in your country when life comes back to normal.

6. Write a general bucket list of everything you want to achieve in your life. Some of the most successful people had bucketlist and worked on making sure they achieved those lifetime goals.

7. If you're with family, take out the board games or play charades and dictionary together. Or download games online if you are alone at home.

8. Check out home exercise videos on YouTube and dedicate 30 minutes to those so that you get those happy endorphins rolling during a time of uncertainty and possible stress.

9. Start a new series on Netflix.

10. Learn a new language online. Imagine after it's safe to travel you hop on a flight to france and tour it like a local. Speaking the same language will make everything a lot easier. Oui bien sur!

11. Do your finances, many people will be getting laid off, or given unpaid leave. Best to be prepared if this is more of a long term situation.

12. Do some gardening around the house. Not only will it be an exercise for your body and mind but it will also give you a beautiful clean garden.

13. Clean your plants leaves with water and a cloth

14. Organize your photo albums. I know that would take me a year to finish considering how many albums I have! So better get a head start.

15. Dedicate 10 mins of meditation every day and build it up every day so that you can do an hour every day.

16. Dedicate 20 minutes of Yoga every day

17. Learn DYI and fix things around the house

18. Learn to draw or even paint something. Start drawing or painting an apple. You'll realize how easy it is.

19. Learn to make a homemade facial or hair mask from your own kitchen by looking at excellent blogs like The Healthy or DYI natural.

20. Start a blog on one of your favourite things. It's easy and anyone can do it with a step by step guide. I use Wix, and it's super easy!

If you're thinking where to travel when it's safe to and the travel industry goes back to it's operations, why not look at these destinations:

Borneo - Azores - Bohol - Zanzibar - Mexico


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