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Positano For Single People.

Ciao Positano!

With movies like ‘Only You’ and ‘Under The Tuscan Sun’, Positano would sure make it to anyone’s ‘honeymoon’ list. But if you’re in your 40’s, single, unmarried, and craving to see what this little town has to offer, why wait for an event that requires meeting the man, falling in love, marrying him, before taking this trip?

Maybe the reason why ‘Mr Right’ isn’t with you, is because you’re already in the honeymoon phase before even meeting him. You are not living in the moment of what you want, right now. So how can he make his way to you? Why should you wait for a honeymoon, when you are very well capable of doing it on your own, and enjoying it in a different way!

I believe the right man will make his way even if you’re in your PJ’s, hair tied in a bun, bags under your eyes, sitting on a balcony in Positano, one of the most romantic places on earth!

Sometimes you have to take yourself on that honeymoon and give yourself the best kind of love and an unforgettable vacation. No more waiting for Mr nice guy, he can always find you in Positano, on that balcony, if it’s the right time for you!

Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Positano, whether you are single or travelling solo!

1- Positano has one of the most scenic views on the Amalfi Coast. It’s a place that feels so unreal even when you are seeing it with your own eyes!

Coastal View of Positano

2- The little town sits on the steep ledges of the Lattari Mountains with pastel coloured houses. The roads are designed in a form of a squiggle ( I kid you not!), and in between a maze of stairs that give Positano its uniqueness (also gives you aching knees!)

Positano’s Maze of Stairs

3- The food is incredible as long as you steer clear of touristic spots. Then again the touristic spots have some of the most scenic views. Any hotel can provide a night out at an Italian Grandma’s house in the mountainous part of Positano. It’s the best way to experience true Positano hospitality while indulging in mouth watering sea food and pasta you will ever taste! Make sure to go on an empty stomach, you can never say no to Grandma even when you are full!

Cafe Positano

4- Positano has some of the most charming people you will ever meet! Even If they’re 90 years old, they have so much charm. It’s easy to meet some of the locals in this small town that has a population of just under 4,000 people. You will come across several people by the names of Roberto, Alexandro, Marko and the ladies Roberta, Alexandra, but there’s no Marka (I think!)

5- ‘Spaggia grande’ the main beach full of colourful umbrellas and a line of restaurants, makes for a great day spent at the beach along with the crowds. For a more quiet time away from there’s the option of Fornillo’ which offers just that.

Spaggia Grande Beach

6- Shopping in Positano is a unique experience. Shops of handmade colourful ceramics mostly of lemons, which is one of Amalfi Coast’s main produce! Tourist gift shops as well as floral linen boutiques are what you are most likely to see. Not to forget, you can have your own pair of leather sandals made on the spot.

One of the many artisan shops in Positano

7- Church of Santa Maria Assunta is an important part of Positano’s culture, religion and landmark. It’s Majolica tiled dome is one of the towns iconic symbols. No matter where you are in Positano, the Dome of Church Santa Maria can be seen.

If you are ever around on the 15th August make sure to visit and see the fireworks display and the whole road lit, for the assumption of the Virgin festival.

The Famous Positano Dome of Santa Maria Assunta

8- Wherever you are in Positano, (unless you are in a staircase between 2 buildings) you will be able to stop and admire Positano’s beautiful sunsets!

Sunset from Positano

9- Night life is one not to miss. ‘Music on the Rocks’, and Franco’s Bar’ offer the usual bar type experience. If you are looking for something a little more authentic, dinner at the popular Mediterraneo Restaurant offers a night of live music, singing and joining in. Your evenings will be filled with joy and laughter, whichever you choose!

Mediterraneo Restaurant

10- An hour away in one direction are the towns of Amalfi and Ravello, with Sorrento in the opposite way. You can rent a car, a Vespa or even hop on a bus to get there. Each one, unique and worth exploring for sure!

Pompeii is another that you can explore on your way to Naples to take your flight or train to other cities in Italy. Capri is a boat away that can be taken from Positano too! So all in all a great town to stay in, while visiting the Amalfi coast and wanting to see more of it!

Time escapes you in Positano. It’s so easy to strike a conversation with the person next to you. I met a young American lady traveling on her own for the same reasons as I had. We sat side by side in a restaurant, and struck a conversation with each other. What were the odds of us being the same age, born in the same month, sharing similar interests! We decided to stay connected, until we would meet again. I did not meet Mr Right on this trip, but I realized how many more people in the world procastinate doing things for themselves, because they rely so much on meeting the opposite sex.


Getting there: Fly directly to Naples and take a bus to Positano (this is very time consuming, but a cheaper option) or take a taxi for 1 hour into Positano. Usually costs in peak season can be anything from €80 – €120 and if you are booking them with a return the price is negotiable! If you are coming from Rome, take the high speed Frecciarossa train from Roma Termini straight to Naples and then bus or taxi to Positano!

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