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Bohol Island in 2 days

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Bohol Island in 2 Days is a trip that no one will ever forget. Located just under 2 hours from Cebu island by ferry, Bohol is a friendly, relaxed island with so many fun filled things to do. The unique experiences one would have, are enough to keep that bucket list of adventures being ticket off!

Here are the top things to see or do in Bohol in Just 2 days considering you are on the island and ready to set off early hours of the morning!

Day 1

Alona beach

The busy, bustling stretch of white sand beach. Perfect place for swimming, or coming into in the evenings for dinner and drinks, getting a $10 massage for the hour, or watching the sunset. It’s a great place to bargain for those island hopping tours (most are already cheap anyway going at $8/person in a group of 14, or $35 for private). If you can sleep with a band playing with the sound most most likely coming from the beach restaurant/bar of your hotel, then Alona beach would be the perfect place for you. I found a little piece of heaven called the Amarela Resort which was 10 minutes on a habal habal or tricycle and worth every penny and is quiet!

I have included Alona beach first as this would be the first place you would most likely come to in the evening, if you arrive at that time, or come into to get a bargain for transport and tours!

Chocolate Hills

About an hour away into Bohol are the Chocolate Hills.

A thousand uniformly shaped hills with a height of up to 50 meters, are one of the biggest tourist attraction in Bohol! They’re called Chocolate Hills for a simple fact that the vegetation around them is grass, and during the dry seasons the grass turns brown!

There are 2 ways to see the Chocolate hills:

Observation Deck At Carmen

Challenge yourself to walk up 214 steps to the observation deck in Carmen, which gives a 360 degree view of hundreds of Chocolate Hills (as far as the eyes can see). There are actually over 1700 chocolate hills spread over 12,000 acres of land!!

Quad Biking Through The Chocolate Hills

Quad bike through muddy villages, and rice terraces. See the different hills that have been given their unique names; Pregnant hills, Three sisters Hills, 8 sisters Hills. Very scenic and beautiful 1 hour experience.

Tasiers Sanctuary

Tasiers are recognized as endangered species. One of the smallest of primates and also completely and utterly cute. They can also break your heart when you learn they can’t live in captivity, if they ever were, they get depressed and commit suicide my smacking their heads against the bars of the cage.

The sanctuary itself is a forest where you will be able to see them close enough. No noise is allowed, neither flash from the camera, as any disturbance may have the same effect on them as being captive! 🙁

Tasiers sanctuary in Bohol
Sleeping at the Tasiers Sanctuary in Bohol

Mahogany Man Made Forest

Take  a beautiful drive through the Mahogany man made forest which stretches over two kilometers.

Man-made Mahogany forest Bohol Philippines
Man-made Mahogany Forest in Bohol

Hanging Bridge

Cross the 40 meters bamboo made hanging bridge, which crosses the Sipatan River in Sevilla. I wouldn’t go out of my way for this attraction, but it would be fun for the kids. It really is just crossing the bridge and coming back!

Loboc Zipline

Wiz through the air on a 100 meter high zip-line in superman pose at the Loboc Eco-Tourism Adventure Park. See the Loboc river and its surrounding beautiful forests. The experience is soon over and it’s time to zip back down to the starting point.

Loay Floating River cruise

Experience traditional Filipino food on a bamboo made floating restaurant cruising through the Loboc River. A live band plays on board making it one of the best entertainments to experience in Bohol!Not only do you meet tourists on board but also local tourists that have flown in and made this part of their experience in Bohol!

The Bee Farm

Besides being a hotel, The Bee Farm offers a great restaurant with a variety of organically made dishes, some of which include fresh flowers.  The Bee Farm also produces some of the most unique flavours of ice cream all made with real honey. My favourite has got to be the Purple Yam!

Day 2

An hour away from Bohol by boat are two island spots worth spending the day exploring. Both are done in 1 day!

The Virgin Island

A sandbank an hour away from Bohol by boat.  I thought I had seen enough Sandbanks in my life, but this one is definitely worth visiting. Locals have managed to set up huts that serve cold coconuts, fresh fruit, grilled meats, grilled seafood as well as a stall selling drinks.  At low tide,  tide-pooling is pretty interesting, you would be amazed at what you would find, but do watch out for the Sea Urchins. Foot protection is a must!

Balicasag Island

For first time snorkelers , Balicasag islands waters would be exceptionally mind-blowing. It’s also called a fish sanctuary where tiny brightly coloured shoals of fish are found as well as beautiful and unique coral life. Definitely worth the visit as you would also be happy to know that although it’s a tourist destination. The boats stop far out enough to not do any damage to the corals. Something that I genuinely appreciated and you would too! Make sure to bring some bread with you!

You may wish to extend your trip to three full days and leave on the fourth so that you can at least take a day trip to Oslob in Cebu.

Cebu is the neighboring island to Bohol where you can swim with the gentle giants, the Whale Sharks. An exciting adventure not to miss. A tour will take you there early hours of the morning and you would head back around 1pm (as the boat leaves Oslob at 11am).

If you have any questions or need help planning a trip to the Philippines, email info@wanderich.com. We can help make it easy for you


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