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A day on the Amalfi Coast, on a Vespa

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The bus stops had a good 20-60 people waiting to board the buses all crammed right to the front. It’s hot, sticky, most people have been on the beach, so the image of oil and sweat piled up in a bus wasn’t appealing. Taxi rides from one town to another are a €100, each being 30 mins apart. So it was definitely worth doing a day on the Amalfi Coast on a Vespa.

Starting at 9 am, Emilio picked me up from the hotel in Positano on a 35 year old vintage Vespa. At €300 for the day, it was worth every cent as with public transport or hiring a car I would have not been able to see what I saw in a day on the Amalfi Coast.

Here is what a Day on the Amalfi Coast on a Vespa looks like:


Wandering around the 13th century Villa Rufolo that oozes Arab and Byzantine architecture located on a mountaintop setting.

Villa Rufolo’s colourful gardens are a big highlight. Restored and rearranged by a Scottish Lord that had bought the villa in the 19th century and made it into a magical garden with spectacular views of the coast.

If you plan on visiting in summer and staying in Ravello or Amalfi, check out the concerts that take place annually.


People watching at the Amalfi Piazza Duomo is a must, while admiring the architecture of the 9th Century Saint Andrew Roman Catholic Cathedral.

Enjoy the best Parmigiana in the whole world.

Eat a boob at Pasticceria Andrea Pansa. A lemon infused Amalfi dessert which dates back in history, it was stopped at some point, and later revived. Known as Delizia al Limone of Salvatore De Riso but why waste a breath, the boob works fine and is absolutely mouthwatering.


Enjoy the views of the Fiordo Di Furore and if the weather permits take a walk down the steep path to the beach and enjoy a dip. (Often it may be closed due to falling rocks, but you can certainly enjoy its incredible view from the bridge).


Learn about the extraordinary abandoned wheat mill at Sorrento, also known as Valle Dei Muillini. Dating back more than 35,000 years, has a macro environment with extreme humidity regardless of the weather. It’s said looking at the deeply nestled Mill in the ground gives a perfect perspective to what the world would look like if humans no longer existed.

Check out the view of Mt Vesuvius, the world’s heavily monitored and most active volcano. It ranks as one of the most dangerous volcanoes as it sits in the middle of a city inhabited by 3.1 million people. It had once erupted and buried the ancient roman city of Pompeii with a thick layer of volcanic ash.

Famous for the produce of Lemoncello, Sorrento is the best place for Lemoncello tasting and finding the perfect flavor. It makes for a great gift to take home, as they all come in nicely painted glass bottles.


Church of San Gennaro

Church of San Gennaro- a beautiful Barroque style church set on the way from Positano to Amalfi in a small quite village called Praiano, looking out to the breathtaking views of the coast. The tiles and details of the ornamentation is amazing.

If on the Amalfi Coast between July 31st and August 4th make sure to head to Pariano and stay a few nights to enjoy the 5 day Luminaria di San Domenico. A tradition dating back since 1606 and still practiced by the community until today. Watch as the church, and streets are covered with candles and street fire performances take place.


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