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60 reasons why Lebanon should be on your bucket list

I decided to write Why Lebanon Should Be On Your Bucket List because on a few occasions while travelling, I have come across people that didn’t know much about it.

I’ve been asked where I’m from, you know the obvious conversation starter. When my reply is, ‘I’m originally Lebanese, raised in the UK’. Some of the reactions I have received have been quite astonishing.  I’ve been asked whether I’m related to Shakira, (someone in Turkey actually took my autograph). I’ve been asked whether people rode camels in Lebanon?! (that was a total Shocker).

My favourite was being asked whether I was from Lebanon, the city in Pennsylvania! While there is a Lebanon in Pennsylvania,  there is also one in the Middle East, which is home to over 6 million people who live there.

Lebanon has breathtaking history, 8 million people worldwide, incredible nature and mouth tantalizing cuisine found on every corner of the planet. So I decided to write 60 reasons to why Lebanon should be on your bucket list!

Here are 60 reasons …

1 – Stay at Mir Amin Palace like a Royal is one of the top reasons why Lebanon should be on your bucket list

2- Ski in Faraya from November to April.

3- Sunbathe on the pristine sandy beaches in Batroun, Jiyeh, or Tyre from May to September.

Sunbathe on the pristine sandy beaches in Batroun, Jiyeh, or Tyre from May to September.

4- Walk through the halls of Beit-eddine which date back to the Shihab Dynasty 1788! 5- Visit Kfarheem Grotto to see the caves discovered in 1974 under a building.

6-Watch a concert at Beit Eddine, Chouf, in the summer 7- Watch Lebanese people as they get together for lunch at Zaytouna Bay, Beirut 8- Take a walk or run early hours of the morning at Roauche – don’t be surprised if you see women wearing heels at 6am! 9- Take a selfie with Lebanon’s most iconic Landmark Raouche Rocks. This landmark should rank high on the reasons why lebanon should be on your bucket list.

10- Take a boat out and go fishing in Byblos, or Saida 11- Immerse yourself in the modern & contemporary art displayed at the Sursock Museum 12- Enjoy a cable car ride up to the Jaeita Grotto.

13- Explore Jaeita caves in the mountains by boat.

14- Visit the Moussa castle on your way up to Beit Eddine 15- Walk through the Roman Baths in Beirut 16- Visit the Wax Museum when you’re in Byblos 17- Try your luck at a gamble in Casino Du Liban 18- Visit the National History Museum of Beirut 19- Hike through Jabal Moussa Biosphere reserve 20- See the Temples of Jupiter, the Roman Heliopolis in Baalbek 21- Visit the Temple of Bacchus In Baalbek standing from early 3rd century 22- Admire the views of Bcharre mountains 23- Light a candle for yourself or a loved one at Harrisa, It’s said Lady of Lebanon has protective energy.

24- Take a 30 mins cable car up to Harissa to admire the views and visit the church.

25- Enjoy a day at Assi River and watch the northward flowing river 26- Watch older gentlemen at a cafe In Hamra, Beirut, play backgammon Late afternoons 27- Drink Arabic coffee from a traditional Lebanese cup.

28- Ladies get a blow dry for $10 literally almost anywhere in Lebanon 29- Men, try a full head pampering for $20, includes ear hair, nose hair, shave and hair cut! 30- Walk around the grounds of American University of Beirut (AUB) 31- Try an avocado, ashta (curd) and honey and almonds juice 32- Visit the Soap Museum in Sidon 33- Visit the Sidon Sea Castle.

34- Wander the narrow old souks of Sidon and look out for hidden gems like the oldest church turned school 35- Spend some time at the Rene Mouawad gardens 36- Have a BBQ or picnic at the Litani River 37- Visit the Minaret Mansouri Great Mosque in Tripoli dating back to the year 1314 38- Visit Qala’at Sanjil (the citadel of Raymond Saint-Gilles) In Tripoli dating back to 1103 39- Have lunch at Shallalat Nabeh Merched and enjoy the breeze and soothing sound from the waterfalls 40- Visit Al Shouf Cedar Reserve to see Lebanon’s Unique cedars that only grow in Lebanon.

41- Visit the Monastery of Saint Charbel In Annaya, Byblos district. Saint Charbel is believed to have great healing powers 42- Visit Al Omari Mosque in central district Beirut, which was the old crusador church of Saint John built-in the 12th Century. 43- Visit Al Amin Mosque in Downtown Beirut District, the largest Mosque in Lebanon inspired by Ottoman Architecture.

44- Have lunch at Berdawni river restaurants and experience real Lebanese hospitality (Zahle district) 45- Absail the Baatara Gorge Waterfalls 46- Stay a night in Sourbeen and feel yourself above the clouds early hours of the morning 47- Try the famous Ashta and Pistachio ice-cream (milk curd with pistachio).

48- Book a lunch and wine tasting at Massaya Winery in Bekaa 49- Try stuffed intestines, sheep brains, sheep tongue or even broasted head of cow if you dare.  (Lebanon bucket-list for foodies) 50- Walk Around the Phoenician city of Tyre (dating back to 2750BC) as the sun sets 51- Have Kunafa, lebanon’s favourite sweet at Al Hallab or Wadi Al Akhdar Dessert shops 52-  Bar Hop in Mar Mkhaeil, Beirut 53- Try your luck at entering the prestigious Sky Bar night club (otherwise if you know someone, who knows someone, you’ll be fine) 54- Jet Ski the Mediterranean sea at sunset.

55- Paraglide over Jounieh or Jbeil 56- Chill at one of Lebanon’s beach Clubs, Iris Beach, Ede Sands, Ocean Blue, or Lazy Bee 57- Trek through Chouwen and swim in the river 58- Keep your eyes out for Beirut’s awesome Street Art.

59- Take a boat from Beirut or Byblos to El Jammal restaurant, Batroun for a superb lunch as your feet are immersed in the water.

60-Take a shared taxi, said as  ‘serveece’, just call it out to any taxi passing you honking, there will be plenty!

I can count another 40 reasons why Lebanon should be on your bucket list , but I will leave you to discover for yourself what more Lebanon has to offer.  There’s more on Lebanon coming up! Subscribe to stay updated!

To help you with your journey here is a Beirut Guide that will help you with the trip essentials.

(if you would like to contribute with your photos of Lebanon to add to this blog please send me a message)


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