Learn more about the difference in charity and philanthropy and how you will be automatically involved when working with us..


We facilitate the process for you to understand different charities and how they work. We help introduce you to these charities so that you can then deal with them directly. Wanderich makes no profit from your transactions with these charities.
What we will do however is offer an after service. Soon as your initiative is complete you will receive a thank you from Wanderich in conjunction with the charity. Our thank you note will include a photo/video showing you completion or progress of the initiative. 
What is also included with this, is 4 to 12 day tours on specific dates that will take you to the country to explore its beauty and to have the time for a meet and greet with the locals you have helped.
Don't forget that by booking those tours you have contributed to a Wanderich charity project as 5% of revenues are saved for the initiative that  is currently ongoing.